“I thought the variety of things to do (rafting, camping, hiking, horseback, going to national parks, etc.) was great and made the trip appealing to everyone. Sorrel is a lovely facility… the accommodations were excellent.”

Virginia Besthoff ~ New Orleans, LA

“Of course, the beautiful location was a plus, but the guides were what made this experience so wonderful! They were so helpful to our group of women… many of us had never even put up tents before, much less peed on the riverbank. . .They made great food and coffee and had so much knowledge to share with us, from riverside landmarks & how to read the water, to things to do in Moab and areas to explore when we come back another time.”

Kim Kosmatka ~ Marshfield, WI

“Staff were superb. Gorgeous scenery. Very good food.”

Jenny Urquhart ~ Marshfield, WI

“Our guides were so knowledgeable, very environmentally aware & concerned that each of us be aware of the many issues facing the West. Without being political, they were great sources of information and brought up some very interesting issues”

Lynn Deuser ~ Marshfield, WI